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Hey guys! With the great response from last week's decluttering video, I figured I would continue on this week with a video all about how I clean my room. Essentially, in 10 steps, I clean up my room in 30 minutes or less. This video is a bit more of a deep clean video because I'm actually, well, cleaning, rather than just picking up. I hope you all enjoy this video and stay tuned for next Sunday's video!

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✨ LINKS (highly requested - lmk if you want to know about anything else!!!!) ✨
↳bed frame:
↳sheets (similar, originally from garnet hill):
↳blue throw pillow:
↳pink throw pillow (similar):
↳gold throw pillow:
↳white throw pillow (similar):

all other furniture is from bassett furniture in like 2009 sO unfortunately it is no longer available but pbteen has very similar options!!
↳similar nightstand:
↳similar desk: OR
↳similar dresser: OR

Thanks to anyone who watched!! If you want to see more videos like this, comment down below any video requests, or even subscribe!

Gabrielle Marie rocks!! I get some of my overlays from her channel:

I also get some of my titles and transitions from these channels:

Camera and Editing Software used: Canon Rebel t5i with the 18-55 mm kit lens, the Rode VideoMic Go, \u0026 iMovie

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Working in the Clean Room | Inside the Fab | Intel

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