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What is Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)?

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is a structural material that can be cheaper, faster, quieter and more sustainable than concrete and steel. For more by The B1M subscribe now -

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LJ Lancaster : Love CLT. I believe we are going to see some really interesting things and the material is explored further.
Vamos Falar de Madeira? #TimBauEstruturas : Great explanation! We're looking forward to start using CLT here in Brazil! Great channel! Keep going guys!
Roy R : Can't wait until this is more readily available. I love everything wood. It is the true Carbon storage device. Plant more trees and harvest carbon.
Ciaran OToole : Feels like a silly question but I'll ask it anyway! Is there any risks or considerations at all towards the glue drying out and the layers peeling from each other under heavy load? Or is that just not a thing that happens?
Willy : Meanwhile in 2021: timber prices have shot up 200% and construction luber is easily up 400%

Charlotte Douglas International Airport - CLT - Complete Airport Tour

Thanks for watching this complete airport tour of Charlotte Douglas International Airport!

As a lifelong traveler, I never get tired of the process of boarding a plane going somewhere new and exciting! Today, I'm visiting an airport I'd never seen before, but one that many travelers visit every time they travel.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport, CLT, is one of American Airlines' primary domestic and regional hubs, providing service to hundreds of destinations around North America. It's the 10th busiest airport in the United States, providing connections for tens of thousands of passengers each day.

This tour covers each of Charlotte's five airside concourses as well as its central atrium, including each departure hall, directions to each, and practical tips and time to help you connect to your next flight. CLT's in the process of expanding and remodeling, and we'll look at the airport's future, too. For many visitors, Charlotte is just a stop on the way to their final destination, but I'll show you why it's a nice place to spend a few minutes or a few hours. Thanks for joining me on this tour!

This video was made independently, without implicit or explicit endorsement or support from any party mentioned or shown within the video, including the Charlotte Aviation Department, the city of Charlotte, any airline mentioned or shown within the video, or any third-party service provider shown or mentioned in the video. I just like making these videos!

Airports are our gateway to the world, and I hope you enjoy this and other airport tour videos from Miles by Foot! Thanks for watching, and keep moving forward!


Nikon D3200/18-55mm
Canon Vixia HFM30
GoPro Hero 7 Black
Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro/IrfanView/Audacity

Glossy - Twelwe

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Map graphics and information from © OpenStreetMap contributors

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Deerslay3r : I fly from South Carolina to St. Louis in October I had a connection here with a 53 minute layover I thought it would be enough time so I changed flights for a longer layover. I wish I saw this earlier lol. Great video
Florida Dreams : I'm flying here this week and this is exactly the video I needed. Thank you!
JollyGreen : This is my home airport. A lot of people complain about it, but I love it! I'm excited to see it once all the renovations are complete. My most frequent flights are from terminal A, being with Delta to JFK. I had flights booked to Chicago and Oklahoma City with United, and Washington DC (Reagan) with American..all of which have been canceled due to the state of the world at the moment. I hope to some day take that Lufthansa flight to Munich.
Nicholas Barry : I flew through this airport this past summer and in the month of September. I absolutely love connecting at this American Airlines hub airport.
charles sutton : I fly though this airport a lot. Whoever designed this airport should get an award for humanity. The main thing I love is how easy it is to get around at this place. The one down thing is that I always have to use the E gates a lot That is the busiest place at this airport.

Complete production line for CROSS LAMINATED TIMBER CLT by Ledinek

CLT lines

Complete CLT production line / factory for cross laminated timber panels. CLT production capacity from 5.000 m³ per shift per year up to over 100.000 m³. Turnkey solutions in different levels of automation. Our wide range of products comprising planers, finger jointing machines and presses enables us to offer custom made solutions for different CLT production volumes and processing steps. We take care of the entire package.

Showcase in Riga/Latvia
Complete CLT production factory

-Infeed system with vacuum de-stacker
-Moisture meter with grading and defect marking station
-Defect cutting saw X-Cut
-Metal detector
-Compact finger jointing machine with flying saw Eurozink -Compact 8 joints/min
-Curing decks and buffer zone
-4 side planer for lamellas Europlan 4V 120 m/min
-Tray buffer for up to 6 long layers
-Length cutting of cross lamellas X-Cut
-Stacking for cross layers
-Buffer for 4 complete cross layers
-Automated Vacuum assembly station
-Glue application unit for 1 component polyurethane adhesive
-CLT press X-Press 14m
-CNC joinery centre
-Wide surface sanding machine


-Up to 14 m x 3.2 m x 0.4 m panel size
-Up to 25.000 m³/year
-50 m³ Shift production
-High flexibility of production
-X-Lam manager integration
-Precision cut elements by cnc machine
-Perfect finish by sanding
-Dust extraction 80.000 m³/h
-Total installed power 1.100 kW
Bird : I want my house to be built out of this.
Clark Loewen : How do I receive a quote?
INFO TUBE : Where do yo get like these vedio
Tula Jaya : Still watch 2020
Ethan Levins : Anyone come here from FOR 240:001




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