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(Eng)나를 이끌어주는 비밀노트 | 장성은 MA+CH대표, 크리에이티브 디자이너 | 세바시 410회

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강연자의 강연 소개 :

YG엔터테인먼트 소속 가수들의 앨범을 디자인해왔습니다. 셰계적인 가수가 된 싸이나 여러분 좋아하시는 빅뱅의 앨범 디자인이 제 작업들입니다. 디자인은 창의력의 산물입니다. 그렇게 때문에 고달프고 어려운 작업이기도 합니다. 하지만 저는 디자인의 영감을 얻는 저만의 원천이 있습니다. 그것은 사람을 섬기는 가치이고, 그로부터 만들어지는 공존이 상생의 모티브라고 생각합니다. 디자이너로서 제 일의 가치를 여러분과 나누겠습니다.

- 김성훈 (

SEBASI No. 410 - A Secret Note That Leads Me @Jang Seong-eun ( MA+CH CEO, Creative Designer)

I have designed albums for YG Entertainment singers. The album designs of world stars like PSY and artists like Big Bang, which you all like, were my doing. Design is the fruit of creativity. It is tiring and difficult work to do. However, I have my own source of inspiration. It is the belief in serving people, and I think that the coexistence that springs from that is a motive for mutual growth. I will share my values as a designer with you.

- English Subtitle : Minsook Jeong, Yuick Kim, Liha Kim (
- English Review : Mili Silva, Marilyn Hook (

세바시의 강연을 세계로 알리는 '오픈번역 프로젝트'에 동참하세요! Open Translation Project : Make this great speech with your Language with passionate Koreans!

Visual Catalyzation│Markus Engelberger (Creative Tribe, Founder and Artist)

Complex challenges call for simple solutions. This workshop is for leaders and consultants who are interested in learning more about powerful tools that can be used in leadership, strategy, change, storytelling, design thinking and innovation. Whereas Graphic Recording, Visual Facilitation and Sketchnoting are hardly known or used in Asia so far, they are applied very intensively and successfully in Europe and the US. This session is a chance to find out why using simple pictures in order to explore, shape, anchor, communicate and sell ideas, is an effective way of dealing with today´s fast-paced and highly connected business environment. If you are interesting in a creative approach to vivify the moment and enabling perspicacity, meaningful dialogue as well as effective meetings, this session with the trailblazer of Visual Catalyzation, Markus Engelberger might be 30 minutes of your precious time well spent.

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WELOVE - 주의 나라 (Your Kingdom Come/Eng Sub)

WELOVE ON THE RIVER의 타이틀 곡 "주의 나라" 입니다.

WELOVE ON THE RIVER가 멜론, 벅스, 지니 등
모든 스트리밍 사이트에 올라와 있습니다.
많이 사랑해주세요! :)

It is our title song "Your Kingdom Come"
Thanks to Minha Ha for the amazing translation.

Translation Credit:
English: Minha Ha

Written by 김강현
Vocal : 김강현, 홍수희, 구교석, 박은총
Acoustic Guitar : 박은총
Keyboard : 김강현
Bass Guitar : 유건
Sampler : 송민선
Live Recording : 서광은
Filmed by 이창희, 김준호, 김현호, 장하늬, 박요한
Edited by 박은총
All Directed by 이창희, 박은총

#WeloveCreativeTeam #주의나라 #WELOVEONTHERIVER #광진교8번가




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